Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Game of the Day - Toki

Toki is a fun platformer where you have been turned into some sort of ape (by the evil dude who stole your honey).  Time to go kick-ass and take names.

The weapon of choice in Toki is your spit.  Well, you spit something, although I'm not sure what it is.  As you power-up your spit, it becomes more deadly - there is a spread shot and it can turn into things like fire (no super-phlegm hocker, though).  You can also kill your enemies by jumping on their heads (just like real soldiers do in war).

There are lots of cute and fun touches that make Toki enjoyable.  First off, you can shoot in all directions, not just left or right or up - so diagonals beware!  Also, there are little puzzling elements like teeter-totters with weights that drop and big enemies that you can't see all of - so you don't necessarily know what you are shooting at.
On top of spitting, there is another button in use - jump.  Jumping is key for several reasons: you can jump on the enemies and kill them, you can jump to reach suspended power-ups and you need to jump onto platforms and over ditches to forge ahead.  Fortunately, there are power-ups for jumping, too.  Little sneakers can be picked up and put on which make you jump much higher.  They are REQUIRED to reach some of the elements and power-ups in the game.  Furthermore, there are other kinds of items you can get, one example being a football helmet (yes, it looks silly) - thus protecting you from an enemy attack.

I'm not a huge platformer fan, but Toki is a fun game that always has something new around the corner.  Apparently, if you successfully finish (I haven't), you rescue your girlfriend and turn back into a man.  I'd prefer to remain an ape.

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