Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GOTD Hall of Fame - Weird Games

There are a lot of Games of the Day now.  So if you don't have time to run thru them all, I'm creating some Hall of Fame categories that I'll add to as time goes by...  Today's Hall of Fame is for games that are weird and/or bizarre.  Now remember, this is only for games that I've ALREADY made Games of the Day.  There are plenty of other games that'll fit into my Hall of Fame categories, but they can't be added until they are posted as a Game of the Day.

So here's the list of HOF GOTD in the weird and bizarre category... There's no specific definition to make a game qualify here, just a feeling on my part that the game, while great, is really out there, unusual or unique in some way.  They are in no particular order...

 1.  Phozon
Build molecule thingies
 2.  The Outfoxies
Charlie's Angels in the arcade, lots of camera zooms
 3.  Tac/Scan
Old School vector/spinner shooter
 4.  Challenger
Weird old school shooter - jump to top or bottom to shoot
 5.  Spiders
Webs and spiders and shooting
 6.  Marchen Maze
Alice in Wonderland on meth
 7.  Argus
Primitive super hero trackball zaniness
 8.  Burglar X
Run around collecting $$$, fart to slow enemies
 9.  Screw Loose
Goofy cartoony offspring of Robotron
10.  Pistol Daimyo no Bouken
Nuttiest Japanese Horz shooter - your gun is head-mounted (for starters)
11.  Noboranka
Bizarro vert shooter where you are climbing a tree shooting bugs eating fruit

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