Saturday, February 11, 2012

Game of the Day - Rohga: Armor Force

Rohga (and its Japanese sister "Wolf Fang") is a mech-themed, side-scrolling shooter with a lot of nice unique touches.

You start of by selecting your mech.  You can select  one of the pre-built mechs, or choose any combination of arms, legs and body to fight with.  The combos are cool and they do fight and behave differently.

There are three buttons working here: shoot, jump/jet pack and bomb/special weapon.  For each mech, (depending on your arms, body and legs) the main weapons, jump/fly style and bomb are different - adding a lot to the strategy.

As you play, more things come up.  There are power-ups for your weapon and your life force.  In fact, one of the cool touches is that by grabbing the little red flying dudes, you charge up your special weapon - they also start to fly as your wing men and fire when you do.  Another great addition is what happens when your mech's energy/life force runs out.  It ejects you.  How cool is that?  Then, you continue fighting as a much smaller dude, still with a jetpack, but with smaller weapons and no protection - so one hit and you're a goner.  Also, the wing men you have collected can follow you in this state and fly around you in formation to help the battle.

You can shoot in most directions, but some of the mechs can't shoot straight up.  So, since most of the stuff is airborne and most of your time is ground based, you shoot up at 45 degree angles a lot - to the left and the right.

The graphics are good, though not spectacular.  And the action is well balanced though sometimes chaotic.  There are lots of changes of scenery, which also keeps things interesting.

Load up and launch a mech, no doubt you'll enjoy it.

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