Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Game of the Day - Revolution X

Take Terminator 2, subtract the Terminators, add Stephen Tyler & Aerosmith and you have Revolution X.  Except you don't play as them, or shoot them, you are saving them (and their fans).

So RevX is a cross-hair shooting game (gun in the arcade, trackball on MAME) with cool, digitized graphics and loads of hilarity.  The action is fast and furious and pretty similar to T2.  You blast with your guns and have a bomb-type weapon - but it's not a bomb or grenade, it's a CD. (The music kind not the banking kind).  So you whip CDs at the enemy and they explode like bombs because...as the game points out constantly... MUSIC is the weapon.

You are supposed to rescue Aerosmith and Stephen Tyler yells out all kinds of instructions and other crap at you as you try.  There are oodles of enemies to take down and the action is non-stop.  As you are blasting, many boxes, windows and other stuff on the periphery is also blastable - and that's where the power-ups and CDs are.  Shoot them to collect them.

On top of the cool graphics and great action and tons of humor, there are other niceties.  For instance, there are many times when you get to choose where you go (left or right - inside a club or outside, etc. - and later, even which mission location) - it gives the game a more open feel.  Also, there are vehicles throughout the game for you to use or oppose.  Another cool addition is the Sweet (Emotion) music since there are several actual Aerosmith songs in the game.

Lastly, there are lots of easter eggs and inside jokes in the game, so pay close fucking attention!

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