Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Game of the Day - Burglar X

Odds are you haven't seen or played Burglar X.  It has a very low web profile and no listing on KLOV.  But you'll thank me for telling you about it the first time you fart on someone chasing you.  That's right, that's what I wrote, fart.  You can see the fart cloud (event horizon?) behind the chick in the picture on the right just below...

Burglar X is a very unique and fun maze game with crazy, goofy graphics, lots of stuff to collect and three primary ways to battle the enemies.

You run around a maze (a map of city streets and buildings).  Your goal is to collect the number coins necessary to finish each level (the number is indicated at the top next to your score).  The usual way to get coins is to hit one of the spinning dice - they explode and drop coins for you to collect.  As you do, the number you need to still get is reduced accordingly.  What's VERY cool is that the dice spin before you hit them and the number that appears on the die when you destroy it is how many coins it drops.  Very nice addition.
Meanwhile, as you run around, there are dudes trying to kill/arrest you (you are a burglar, after all) - they do this simply by touching you.  You have three buttons to use in your defense.  The first is the fart button (no, it's not next to your colon).  Press this button and the fart slows down the enemy chasing you and sends him reeling for a moment.  Gross.  The second button is the attack button  (If you are playing as the dude, it's a head butt, if you are playing the chick, it's a hammer).  This is how you kill enemies and break open the dice.  The third button is a bomb.  You can drop bombs as you go and they wait a few seconds to explode.  This is an effective way to get rid of enemies without risk (except that you have to get away because your own bomb CAN kill you).  By the way, while all this is going on, a timer is counting down because you have to clear each level in a certain amount of time.  Leftover time upon completion adds to your bonus.

Another important tool is the radar at the bottom left of the screen that shows you where all the goodies and baddies are.  I refer to it often because the maze is many screens wide and tall.

There are temporary powerups that make you stronger and faster and give you goodies.  I'll let you discover them.

Overall, it's just a good old time running around and wreaking havoc.  You won't play another game too much like it.

And, congrats to Burglar X as it is immediately enshrined into the GOTD Hall of Fame for weird games

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