Thursday, February 16, 2012

Game of the Day - Blasted

Not to be confused with previous GOTD Blaster, Blasted is a cartoonish cross-hair shooter, with good action and heavy on the humor.

With graphics reminiscent of Xenophobe, you shoot cyborgs that have invaded buildings and are terrorizing tenants.  There is a broad view where you see the overall building and which windows have cyborgs hanging out, and then the "scope" view that you use to aim and shoot.  The cyborgs have to be hit in their red energy source to be killed.  There are flying ones and humanoid ones.

While you are shooting, you are supposed to be careful not to shoot the human tenants, but there are lots of folks & things in each room to shoot.  Most everything has some sort of reaction when you shoot it, so try to blast everything a time or two.

You have an energy pack that keeps you going.  It stays full until you get hit by cyborg fire (BLAM!).  That wasn't me saying "blam", the game says it when you get hit.  In fact, different audio clues tell you how close the shots came to you.  Anyway, once the energy pack is hit, it starts depleting rapidly.  You have to complete the round before you are out or you lose a guy (actually an energy pack).  The way you complete a round is by killing a predetermined number of cyborgs, the main screen tells you what percentage you have completed.

The game is split screen no matter if you play it as one player or two.  With two, you can shoot each others buildings and apparently, each other.  Good times.

Blasted is quick, simple and fun and they did a nice job with all the details in things to shoot and watch.

There are at least 100 different buildings (levels) to play.


  1. have you played the prototype / test version 'international team laser'

    not much fun without multiple players but the gameplay is a bit different.

  2. Haven't heard of that, I'll go check it out soon.