Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cool Site with Arcade Game Level Maps

When you think you've seen everything, there's always the next cool thing to amaze you.  Check this out... (you're gonna want to click on it and magnify)

This is a pasted together map of the first level of Ghouls 'n' Ghosts.  How cool is that?

Many thanks to the folks who run the website called The Video Game Atlas.  Specifically, this is from the section... http://vgmaps.com/Atlas/Arcade/index.htm  - it is a section devoted to maps of arcade games.  Frickin' sweeeeeeeet.

In fact, by coincidence, they have maps for a GOTD from my blog just a few days ago, Magic Sword .  As an example, here's the map for level 16...

Obviously, you can click and magnify to see the detail.  Mucho thanks to the great guys who run the site and the people who put in the work to assemble the maps from screen grabs.  Also, another thanks to the MAMEWorld Forums where I first read about the site.  Good stuff.

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