Sunday, January 15, 2012

Guest Gamer Strategy Guide - Gun.Smoke by Josh (GunSmoke Guy)

(Intro by Mamezach)
Gun.Smoke (one of the first GOTD), is a great game made better by a completely unique shooting scheme.  Instead of the joystick or trackball or spinner deciding what direction you are shooting, it's actually the buttons.  Which button you push (and every combo of buttons!) shoots a different direction - I can't recall another game that has this setup.  Anyway, go to the GOTD listing to see the details...  This space is for tips and strategies by the World Champ - as verified by Twin Galaxies - for both the arcade and MAME versions, Joshua (a.k.a. GunSmoke Guy on the KLOV forums).  His tips are below...

Hmm… as far as Gun.Smoke goes, it's important to space the buttons out properly on the control panel in a arc formation so they feel more natural since that's the way your fingers are. Familiarize yourself with the button combinations in the game, you can actually shoot 6 ways, not just 3. Unlike the NES version the Arcade version utilized 3 buttons.

The game has different variations in MAME, some which has the Indian Chief as Level 3, and some as Level 6. Don't miss any barrels as you need to collect the various items inside of them to increase your shooting distance, the speed of the bullets, and the increased movement of the deputy. Getting the horse will allow you to take a few hits before your horse dies, however running into barrels with the horse will harm him. Every time you die you will have a decrease in your items. So it is imperative before you die again to try to re-collect anything you might have lost such as bullets ,boots ,guns ... You will notice certain other items such as cows, stars, dragon flies, crystals etc... these are worth extra points. When you get more points, you get more lives and you will be able to progress further and further. The consistency of what's inside the barrels is good however when you advance to later levels some contain items such as skulls which will deduct some of your power items, so it's best to avoid collecting a skull.

The levels pretty much don't really change, sometimes you will see a slight variation but if you can memorize where the enemies come from and what their habits are in addition to the bosses you will enjoy the game. Gun.Smoke is very consistent, it's all about memorizing the levels. Also don't become bullet shy you have unlimited ammo, so fire away constantly!

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