Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Great Track & Field Experiment

Okay, I admit it, I suck at at Track & Field.  Played it in the olden days in the arcade (1983) and my friend always beat me (prick).  Owned a dedicated one for many years and never got much better.  Had parties where folks beat my ass despite the fact that I owned the machine.  Now I only play the game on MAME, but the results are pretty much the same, no breaking 10 seconds in the 100 for me.

The fact is, after all the years of trying off and on, I still (usually) produce a better score with one hand than two.  I just can't get the rhythm down.  Clearly, I could never be a drummer.  Yeah, I've seen all the stuff online about guys using 3 and 4 finger methods to Lord-out at the game and yeah, I'm jealous like a mother-fucker.

So I was wondering, how many guys out there (not just the freaks on youtube) can slay at T & F?  So, how about this, if you have access to the game (either dedicated or in MAME), crank the game up on default settings and run the 100 (the first event) 3 times.  Report your best score on the survey in the right column of the blog.  It's obviously anonymous (so no embarrassment) and a much better survey if guys of all skill levels do it, not just the uber-players.  I'll play my three soon and post the results, good luck.

UPDATE:  Ran my three 100 Meter dashes and got 10.14, 10.49 and 10.54.  I did them with one hand.  When I tried after that with 2 hands, I got my speed faster by the end, but I can't do well consistently, so my times were essentially the same.


  1. 7.99 after a 8.25 and 8.10.


  2. Never liked it, but mostly because I was worried about my C64 joystick. Also, I sucked, probably more so then Zach. And albeit spending a whole lot of time in the arcades back then I've never seen a real machine. Could be that I just ignored it tho. It's a much better game without the joystick abuse, the buttons can take it ...

    Now, the 100 Meter run, you've to press 2 buttons alternately to run, right? If I press A_and_C (left and right in the name-entry-screen) there's no way to get under 11.00, but if I only press A_or_C I can make it in 10.6 something. I feel that if I just would know which buttons to press I'd run all you fools in the ground!

  3. I can't find it right now, but a while ago someone sent me a pic of a Track & Field machine that had round guards around the buttons so you had to press them straight down like you were poking someone in the eye. That would seem to make it 10x harder, but I think it was to guard against people using something between the buttons as a rocker. People would use like a pen on top of their middle finger and use their index and ring fingers to hit the buttons so you never had a sync issue where both buttons were pressed at the same time. Crazy stuff.

    I still refer to crazy repetitive button presses as "track and field". Like when I'm manually editing text data in bulk, assembly line style.