Monday, January 16, 2012

Game of the Day - Wild West C.O.W.-Boys Of Moo Mesa

Since the Gun.Smoke strategy guide was my last post, decided to stay with the Wild West theme.

Moo Mesa could be called Sunset RIders 2 - Revenge of the Bulls.  It's a side-scrolling platformer (shooter) with lots of extra goodies and Saturday Morn cartoon flavor.  That's reasonable because it was based on a TV cartoon of the same name (who knew?).

You choose one of four cow/bulls to gun-up and blast away at lots of enemies.  In fact, four players can play at once, which is fun, but can be confusing when it comes to who is shooting what.  Of course, if bulls could really shoot guns, we'd all be in trouble.

The graphics are cartoony but fun, as you go thru old west towns, barns, mines, etc shooting the enemy.  Like other later side-scrollers, you get to shoot in all directions, left, right, up, down, diagonal.  You have to jump to shoot down  And that's it for the controls, shoot and jump.  But, there are many ways to use them together.  There is a dash/charge when you push them both.  Also, many power-ups can be procured and many of them have a special attribute when pushing both the buttons (shoot & jump).  The power-ups can be found in lots of places and are dropped when shooting certain things roaming the landscape.

There are also other interactive features... For instance on the first level, there is an old-fashioned dynamite detonator.  The kind with the one big handle that you push down.  So, you walk your character up to it and use the joystick to push it down - and then, Boom.  There are inventive little touches like this throughout the game.

So, if you want a game that plays a little like Gunforce meets Sunset Riders, or if you are a vegetarian and want the cows to get their revenge, play Wild West C.O.W.-Boys Of Moo Mesa.

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  1. Ohai, just (re-)discovered Mame and then your blog and it's great to play along. Moo Mesa was fun, the cobra killed my first credit. Thanks for the good times, later!