Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Game of the Day - Pulstar

Pulstar is a beautiful horizontal shooter from our friends at Neo-Geo (Aicom).  It is a tough bitch of a game that I thank the devil exists in MAME, because it would take a million quarters for me to get through it all in the arcade.

The gameplay is pretty standard.  You have two buttons.  One to fire your cannon and one to control the function of your drone (of course you have to get a drone before you can control it).  If you press the two buttons simultaneously, you launch the drone for its own attack.  Also, there is a charge shot accomplished by holding down the fire button - it is ultra-important in battling all the nasty enemies in the game.

The graphics are the star of this game.  The pre-rendered, quasi-realistic, metallic objects look great and beat your ass blue.  The colors are eye-popping, the dimension is deep and rich and the variety of things to blast is off the charts.

As usual, you have power-ups in the form of speed (which you need to get quickly - pun intended) and many different weapons.  And, of course, each can be strengthened as you go.

It's nothing new or unique, but the play and graphics make it very exceptional.  Around the middle of the first level, you come upon some sort of fish thing that shoots guided shots at you - I died MANY times before I got by him for the first time - good luck.

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