Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Game of the Day - Marchen Maze

This is the weirdest game I've liked in a while.  It is a platform-maze game combo that plays on a suspended track (like Mad Crasher) and has an isometric view.  Oh, and it has cutsie Alice-in-Wonderland graphics.

Your goal is to shoot bubbles (I can't make this stuff up) and kill/knock off your enemies before you are knocked off the track and fall.  Enemies roll balls and marbles at you and they knock you backwards (or to the side depending on how they hit).  You have two buttons, shoot and jump.  So, you can try to shoot everything out of the way or just jump over stuff.

The only way to lose a player is too fall off.  There is no way to die and there is no maximum number of times you can get hit as long as you aren't knocked off the platform/track.  It can make for some very long battles with the bosses because you keep running in from the edge and trying to shoot them, meanwhile they knock you back some and you have to be careful not to fall.  Again, this can theoretically go on in perpetuity.

As you go along the track, it gets wider and narrower.  There are many places where there is no room maneuver, and you have to blast or jump a myriad of crap in your way.  The enemies are little wind up toys, penguins, pigs, balloons, all kinds of weird cute-'em-up crap.  There's also a little more platform stuff thrown in as you have to jump chasms, land on moving platforms and leap over all kinds of oscillating stuff in the landscape.

It's not the greatest game you'll ever play, but you'll have fun doing so and certainly remember it for a long time.

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