Monday, January 2, 2012

Game of the Day - Laser Ghost

Who ya gonna call? (Sorry, couldn't resist).  Laser Ghost looks like what should have been the Ghostbusters Video Game.  It is a Gun-based cross-hair shooter.  However, if you are an ardent reader of my blog, you know I don't have a light gun, so I play it with a trackball and it plays great.

The joy of Laser Ghost is all in the graphics, ghosts, monsters, and screen-full of action.  There aren't a lot of power-ups or variance in play.  But the stuff you are shooting is fun to look at, blast and laugh at.

Along with the gun/trackball, you have two buttons... One that shoots the gun and one that shoots a missile to kill everything on the screen.  You start with a few missiles and can garner more during the game.  There's a story here - some evil flying thing has kidnapped your(?) little girl and you are running around town trying to find them.

There are bosses at the end of levels and sub-levels.  One of the first bosses is a billboard that has two faces on it that come to life.  It's all very well done and will keep your attention for a while.

One little thing about playing it in MAME, it seems that the calibration for the gun tends to set the aim so that it fires slightlt left and up from the cross-hair.  You can move it some by screwing with the calibration, but it's actually close enough that it doesn't matter much and you adjust to it soon.  There are many games that play like this (Operation Wolf, T2, etc.) and Laser Ghost is among the best.


  1. Hi Zach, this looks cool, I like the concept of playing shooters with the trackball. I'm trying to test this out, but I'm getting stuck at the initial calibration screen that loads on startup. I can move my sight and shoot the targets, but can't figure out how to get to the game start. Help? Thanks!

  2. If you are in test mode and have aimed and fired at the flashing spots in the corners, you should just have to exit. Hit "F2" (usually, your system may be different) and you'll get to the main test screen. Navigate up to the top and hit "F2" again and you should exit test mode and the game should boot.