Monday, January 23, 2012

Game of the Day - J. J. Squawkers

You're a pissed-off, bad-ass, bird-type dude.  And you are running and jumping and shooting your way in a cutesy-animal and evil-veggie laden cartoon world.  The previous sentence may set the record for hyphens in one sentence, but you get the idea.

JJS as I'll now call it is a cutesy platform game.  But it can also be bitch hard.  There are the traditional two buttons, run & jump.

There are extra nice cartoon backgrounds as you play and an imaginative set of enemies to shoot at and 2D lands to explore.

As in most games of this ilk, you can gain power-ups in the form of life energy and different weaponry.  Some of the weaponry is crazy-ass and looks like the programmers were smoking something powerful when they wrote it.  Giant flowers, flying squirrels (not Rocky), rubber ducks all are on the offensive.

I don't play a lot of run & jump games, but this one seems to have an extra nice balance of action, things to shoot, difficulty level and humor.  It's not overly simple and yet it's not an "adventure" game either.  Just old-fashioned R & J and Shoot.  Be aware that I died many times before making much progress...  There needs to be a "yell out an expletive" button.

It's goofy and juvenile in some ways, but most of all, JJS is playable and fun.


  1. I love this game pretty rare board tho when one comes up it usually goes for 100 - 150 easy

  2. I found this game several years ago and added it to my favorites. It's not nearly as fun by yourself as it is with a friend. It's a perfect blend between cute and brutal. Designed to draw in young players and destroy them, but in a good, almost gentle way.