Sunday, January 22, 2012

Game of the Day - Four Great Games....Except!!!!!

In honor of our power going out for three days, the first post outage GOTD is actually four games of the day.  They are all games that are fun to play, but do not emulate completely correctly in MAME (at least in the version I'm playing which is .143).  One game has graphics that eventually go haywire and the others are all without sound.  So, if you feel like playing MAME with some headphones on listening to music, or with no sound so you don't wake the baby, here are 4 good but imperfectly emulated games.

1. Flame Gunner - A great and unique 3D shooting game.  The aiming is a little tricky, but the action and graphics are really cool.  Eventually, the graphics will freak out leaving you with a pinkish mess or the like.  But it's worth playing until then.

2. Ghox - Ghox is simply the best and coolest looking Breakout/Arkanoid type game I've ever played - BY FAR.  It just has no sound in MAME.  But the graphics (3D, treasures, ghosts, etc) are fantastic and the play is fast and creative.  Play it and try to tell me otherwise.

3. Wivern Wings (also spelled Wyvern in some references) - A modern (2000s) shooter that has all the looks and play you want, but again, no sound in MAME.  So if you've mastered the other modern shooters, put on some music and play WW.

4.  Vimana - a mid-generation shooter from the 90s that again represents all the good of the genre. Cool power-ups, weapons and graphics along with crazy gameplay.  Alas, it too has no sound.  Still though, worth checking out.

So there you have it, four great games that have something wrong with them, but still are worth checking out.  A nice bow to put on the end of the power outage.


  1. ThunderMAME32+ runs Ghox & Vimana with sound - just use Google & you will find what you need

  2. [the guy who recommended thundermame again]

    concerning ghox being the "best" & "coolest looking" breakout-game:

    1. the looks

    of cause debatable - but looking at gunbarich I personally cannot see anything better here (not at all to be honest: gunbarich is pure 2d-perfection imho)

    2. the gameplay

    the whole concept of also moving up/down is so forein to me that I disabled it in mame altogether

    launching 2 balls @once leads to a ball-loss in seconds (in my experience)

    also having to catch 5 like-colored power-ups in-a-row is sooo stupid, causing many deaths trying to avoid the "wrong" colored balls

    a great breakout-clone for sure - the best (BY FAR)? i personally highly doubt…