Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Game of the Day - Finest Hour

Finest Hour is a weird, mech-based horz shooter.  You have 3 buttons: One to shoot, one to jump/launch with jetpack and one to change the auto-target.  The game plays a little different than most others.  As you traipse through the countryside, you fire at all kinds of enemies coming at you.  The big difference is that the game is always in auto-target mode.  There is a cross-hair that is always on the nearest enemy unless you change it.  That means there really isn't any aiming other than which direction you are facing.  However, if you want to aim at an enemy that isn't the automatically targeted one, you use one of the buttons to change the target.  Every time you hit this button, it changes the target to the next enemy - you can continuously cycle through them if you want (although you better kill them sooner or later).  The other button mentioned is the fly/jetpack.  You can hold it down and fly/hover for a while, but the there is a gauge indicating how much fuel your jetpack has left and you soon come back to earth.  It has a significant gravity effect, so you need to learn how to use it.

It makes for some unique gameplay.  The graphics aren't great, they are kind on muted and unclear and the sound of the mech walking can get repetitive, but overall, the game is lots of fun.

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