Saturday, January 28, 2012

Game of the Day - Chelnov: Atomic Runner

He's Russian, Nuked-up and has things to do.  Chelnov reminds me of early PC games and some early SNES and Genesis games.  You run around as the screen scrolls, shooting everything in your way.  There is jumping and somersaulting to be done as the terrain has obstacles and levels to it.  One thing about this game is that it CONSTANTLY scrolls, you don't have to move in that direction to keep going.  You are essentially always just keeping up.

There are three buttons that you play with, shoot, jump and change direction you are facing.  You change direction to shoot things that are behind you.  Also, the shoot and jump together cause you to somersault.  Shooting while you somersault enables you to shoot in all directions and can eliminate a lot of enemies.

It adds a lot to the game that you can shoot either direction and at 45 degree angles - unlike lots of games from this era.

The graphics are uninspired but it doesn't matter much.  The game mechanics are great and the game is both fun and challenging.

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