Saturday, January 7, 2012

Game of the Day - Captain Tomaday

Okay, so you're a mutated tomato.  And your enemies are things like eggplants, mechanized carrots, evil pumpkins, aluminum cans and babies, for starters.  And your hands aren't even attached to your body.

Capt Tomaday is a vert shooter - no, actually a vert puncher from Neo Geo.  It has a crazy theme, gigantic and colorful cartoonish graphics, and a tomato with disembodied fists for weapons.

You fly up the screen and attack all the incoming vegetariana by using two buttons - one shoots/throws your left fist and the other shoots/throws your right.  Then it returns to you.  So you punch your way through the cartoony hell, left and righting your way through an increasingly tough band of veg-enemies.  There are many, many power-ups.  You can get big, small, turn into many things including a lizardy thing, a baby and others.  Also, you can clone yourself.  When there are two of you (and the two don't have to both be the tomato - it could be the tomato and the baby, for instance), a third button comes into play.  This third button controls the formation that you and your clone fly in when attacking.

Another unusual feature of your weaponry is that if you punch with the same fist (left OR right) several times in a row, the other fist becomes giant and the next time you throw it it is a "super blow" (insert your own joke here).  So, there are many strategies since you can push both buttons at once (or even hold them down to repeat) and have both fists flying, or just use one a lot and save the other for the "super".

The graphics are Saturday morning cartoon style.  In fact, some are so detailed that the screen stops scrolling and you play against a static background.

Capt Tomaday is fun to watch and to play.  And they get a 10 for uniqueness.  Below is one of the flyers...

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  1. Man, this is really cute and stuff but so hard as well...
    MAMEInfo says is intended for kids but after played it, I'm not so sure about that...