Thursday, January 5, 2012

Game of the Day - Brave Blade

Brave Blade is a typical 8ing/Raizing vert shooter.  And that's a very good thing.  Modern, colorful graphics combine with smooth, complex controls and imaginative scoring to make a great game.  You choose from many ships and have a joystick and three buttons at the helm.  Button one fires the main weapon (and the gathered power-ups and enhancements), button two attacks with your sword (or comparable weapon) and button three deploys your BFB (big fat bomb).  The type of sword weapon and bomb you have are related to which ship/character you choose to play.

As in many of the more recent games of the genre, scoring is a lot more complex than the scoring in older games like Galaga or Space Invaders.  You get additional points for chains, etc and more points (in the form of dropped bonuses) from killing with the sword as opposed to your gun/lasers.

Another feature of the sword based weapon (button 2) is a shield.  When you hold it down, a shield forms around you and you are invulnerable for as long as the shield holds.  If something impacts or blasts the shield sufficiently, it can be annihilated.  You will be warned that it is gone and you will have to wait a while to be able to deploy it again.

As is the case for many modern vert shooters, the star here is the graphics.  Cool spaceships, giant buildings and interesting villages are all part of what you'll encounter.  In fact, in one of the first stages, a giant castle blows up and you have to blast/avoid the pieces asteroids-style while the other enemies still are trying to smoke you.

If you like vert shooters, it's hard not to enjoy Brave Blade.

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