Sunday, January 8, 2012

Game of the Day - Beastorizer

Beastorizer is a fun fighting game that is the first in the Bloody Roar series.  You may have played one of the Bloody Roars in the arcade or on a home console system.  The hook in all of them is similar.  Unleash your inner animal.

Since Beastorizer was the first in the series, it is the most primitive in terms of graphics and control.  But don't let that deter you from playing, it's a fun, FAST game.

You only have 3 buttons to concern yourself with: Punch, Kick and Beast.  The beast button turns you into your associated beast (and there are some good ones: rabbit, mole, warthog thing, etc).  There is a beast gauge that diminishes as you take damage and once it runs out you turn back into your human form (bummer).  On the same token, once that has happened, you have to wait some time (and inflict some damage) to build the bar back up before you can change back into the beast.

As is traditional in fighting games, combos of joystick movement and buttons give you different sorts of attacks.  And as you might have guessed, you have a whole other set of moves and special stuff available when you are the beast.  Some smart programming along with the human/beast transformation makes for lots of different moves and things to see despite the simple control scheme.

So, with its nice graphics (though a little polygonny), simple controls (good for novices but elaborate enough for experts), extremely fast action and the hook of beasting out, Beastorizer has something for everyone.


  1. I never knew the Bloody Roar series started in the arcades. I never saw this in any of the arcades I used to go to.

    Quick correction: your "1987" label should be corrected to "1997".