Saturday, January 21, 2012

Comparison of Omni (Field) Military Shooters

I didn't get enough guff over my ratings of Fighting games, so here's another game comparison.  I love this genre.  The walk-around military shoot-at-anything game.  I rated them in 7 categories.  Graphics, Gameplay, Spinner use, Controls, Weapons, Maps and Sound.

Keep in mind I like ALL of these games, so the scores are just relative to each other.  A "1" means that the game is above the average of the others and a "-1" means the game is below the average of the others.  A blank means the game falls in the average range of these games.

A little explanation... All the games that use a rotary/spinner to aim got a bonus point.  I love that style of play and as I've said before, a push/pull spinner works great.  You walk with the joystick, aim with the spinner and fire and throw grenades by pushing the spinner down and pulling the spinner up.

A gave a nod in the weapons category if the weapons were fun to watch, or the power-ups were extra good.

The "Controls" category (separate from the spinner) was for how good the game felt in playing and how many different moves were available to do.

Most of the games are just on open playfield battlegrounds.  So, to earn an extra point in the "Maps" category, the map had to be intricate, have terrain, wind around barriers or something different.

The rest should be self explanatory, so here is the list...  Then go play them and tell me I'm crazy.

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