Sunday, December 25, 2011

"Twas the Night" - For my Pinball Friends

'Twas the night before Christmas
And in the arcade
Stood every Bally and Williams
With no cabinet fade

From the 80s and 90s
Each game was there
There was TOTAN and Monster Bash
And games even more rare

I had only one dollar
And that caused some sadness
So I decide to beat
the Medieval Madness

I dropped in my quarters
I assumed the position
I approached the game
Like a licensed physician

I pushed the start button
And out came the ball
I nailed the skill shot
With no doubt at all

I made all the shots
One after another
I made the left ramp
And then made the other

I racked up the points
No shot was a hassle
Nailed the ramps and the loops
Then I nailed the castle

I couldn't possibly miss
'cause I was so hot
Then I cradled the ball
For one final shot

It was my turn
To beat the High Score to Date
On this Christmas Eve
It was surely my fate

As I lined up the shot
To make history
I heard a loud sound
unfamiliar to me

It was hooves and ho-hoing
On top of the roof
Santa had crash-landed
And I heard the proof

I looked at my game
And imagine my horror
(It was my last dollar
I couldn't be poorer)

But as can be the case
The arcade wasn't well built
The thunderous crash
Caused my last ball to tilt!!

No High Score to Date
I was madder than hell
When Santa came in
I started to yell

He reached in his suit
And pulled out a key
He opened the coin door
And giggle with glee

He pushed on the buttons
And he changed some setting
He murmured how that
Should stop me from fretting

He locked it back up
And before I could ask
He had slipped out the door
Having completed his task

I wanted to know
What he had done
Just how in the world
Had he increased my fun?

Then I heard him call out
As he flew off in his sleigh
Merry Christmas to All
Your game's on Free Play

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