Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest Gamer Strategy Guide - Kozmik Krooz'r by Dave V.

From time to time I'm gonna have someone who loves and is good at a game submit a strategy guide or random tips on playing the game.  Here's Dave V. with his write-up of how to do well and enjoy Kozmik Krooz'r...
A face that only a mothership could love! Midway's little advertising catch phrase actually fits pretty well. Kozmik Krooz'r is a tough nut to crack; but once you pick up on the nuances of gameplay, you may find it pretty addicting!

Kozmik Krooz'r is at its heart, a twin stick shooter, ala Robotron. The primary objective is to get your little dudes up to the mothership. You have at your disposal a multi-directional shot, and a limited forcefield.  You'll face a small assortment of baddies, from generic UFO aliens to kamikaze space witches (no joke!) that give a nice bonus; but these aren't your focus. Sure, kill as many as you can on your way, but don't dawdle and point press. For maximum scoring potential, make a bee line for that mothership, and only through the marked 5000 bonus point entry. Doing this with each and every life will net you tons of points, which will only increase as you earn extra lives. Again, do not point press! The longer you take, the more black holes and enemies, meaning a greater chance of losing those precious lives.
You'll also get to play a bonus level every fifth round, which has you gathering parts for your ship. I'll leave these to you to figure out. Don't worry, you're capable!

Want to aim for a high score? Well, the arcade world record is Jason Cram's 439,900, with the MAME champ Robert Macaulay weighing in with an astronomical 1,220,300 pts. As I'm sure you're curious, my personal high is right about 800k; a ways to go, I know. ;) Best of luck, Krooz'rs!

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