Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Game of the Day - Super Stingray

Super Stingray is an exceedingly obscure tank-based shooter.  You have an overhead view of a battlefield and you fight/shoot other tanks and enemies.  There is some difference here between this and many other vert shooting games that make it unique.  Each level is small and you have a specific goal - mostly to destroy the opponents base before the timer runs out.  It plays a lot like "capture the flag".  You have to maneuver thru the dangers on the battlefield, get to the other side, and destroy/shoot/capture whatever is in the middle of the far side of the battlefield.  In the early stages, the length of the battlefield is only a few scrolls of the screen long.  So, while it's a shooter, you are really playing "capture the flag".  The other part of the game that makes it feel this way is the power-ups.  While there are some scattered around the playfield (mostly health), there is a kind of garage on either side of your home base that has different bays that house different power-ups.  So, at any time during the round, if you want to change weapons or change some special ability or get repairs, you can just head back to your base and pull into the corresponding bay.  The problem is that time is always running out, so you can't go back to the well too often.

The graphics are serviceable and the action is at tank-speed (slower than other shooters).  But, for the interesting, strategic gameplay - while still being action based - Super Stingray is a nice change of pace.

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