Sunday, December 25, 2011

Game of the Day - Shuffleshot

 Since it's Christmas and you have folks over, here's a suggestion... Crank up the MAME cab and play Shuffleshot.  It's a straight-forward shuffle-bowler that plays four different games (all with virtual shuffle pucks).  Like World Class Bowling that was a previous GOTD, it's good old-fashioned fun that is easy for any player (even geezers and non-video gamers) to learn and play.

You simply use the trackball to adjust where you want the puck to start, and then roll the trackball forward to initiate the roll.  The graphics and physics work nice, and the game plays well especially with friends and family as competition.  Unlike bowling, in Shuffleshot games, the other players pucks stay on the playfield for you to crash into, knock off, or try to avoid to land your puck on big points.  As I said, easy to learn, but lots of fun to play with a group (up to 4) at parties.

There are two buttons - one for a quick overhead view and one to change the waxiness (slickness) of the lane.  Now, go get your Meemaw/Nana/Bubie and start playing.

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