Monday, December 19, 2011

Game of the Day - Section Z

Section Z is a horz and a vert shooter.  It's simple, straight-forward fun.  And it's the precursor to one of my all-time fav games which will be a GOTD in the near future - Forgotten Worlds.

Section Z is so named because you fly thru sections that are labelled alphabetically.  At certain predetermined spots, the game changes from left/right scrolling to up & down.

The controls are simple and a little bit unusual.  You have two buttons, one to shoot and one to change the direction you are facing.  As you can imagine, there are power-ups available that can improve your speed and the power of your shot - but that's about it, nothing too fancy.

The graphics are typical for the time period and pleasant - mostly you play Section Z because of the nice action and interesting flight patterns of the enemies, as well as a difficulty level that isn't all that easy.

Play Section Z and see what letter you can get to without the benefit of continuing.

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