Sunday, December 18, 2011

Game of the Day - Gun Force II

I'm absolutely, totally amazed that GF2 is not a more popular game.  For a while, I did not make it a GOTD because I just assumed it was very popular and well known.  However, when you look at the data of how often it's mentioned and how many votes there are on it on MAME sites and how many downloads, it turns out its not nearly as popular as I had thought.  Make no mistake Gun Force II (some think it's name GunForce II) is one of the Top 10 action games in all of MAME.

It's a lot like Metal Slug, but on steroids.  The graphics, action and gameplay meld together into the most mesmerizing platform shoot-'em-up experience I've had.  There are many great (and some unique) touches that make the game stand out...

Your character has two guns at all times.  And they rotate around you with one following the other as you move them to aim.  So, positionally, they are firing at different directions at all times.  What's more, is that when you collect one of the myriad power-ups that are around, they usually apply to one of the guns and not the other.  It also changes color to indicate its powered-up status.  Thus, when you are aiming and moving the guns around, make sure to aim the more powerful weapon where you want.  Also, the vehicles are crazy.  Helicopters, Tanks, other stuff are gigantic and fun to pilot.  Most also have two quasi-independent guns to aim.  Another cool feature occurs when you are fighting the bigger enemies (bosses)...  Generally, you can jump on them and hide/hang on in the cracks an crevices and fire at them from within.  While on your enemy, you can jump all over it and hang at strange angles while continuing to fire at it.  It's a fun way to attack.

An extra couple of lines here for the graphics...  As I wrote, they are Metal Slugian, but bigger and brighter.  They don't necessarily of the nice cartoon immersion effect of Metal Slug, but the sprites are gigantic and the detail of all the vehicles and backgrounds is as nice as any game you'll see in this genre.

Here's my strong statement - if you don't like Gun Force II, there is something wrong in your head.

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  1. It's actually the prequel to Metal Slug, consider it Metal Slug 0 if you like.

    It was developed by the Nazca team, who were part of IREM.

    Nazca also developed the Major Title / Major Title II games as part of IREM.

    They then moved to SNK and developed Metal Slug and Neo Turf Masters, both released under the Nazca name for the NeoGeo. The similarities between Major Title 2 and Neo Turf Masters are clear, as are Gunforce 2 and Metal Slug. SNK then bought them out and they became a part of SNK.

    I believe they also did 'In The Hunt' and possibly 'Gallop' for IREM, both are a similar style.