Saturday, December 17, 2011

Game of the Day - Enforce

Enforce is a 1st person tank game that looks and plays somewhat like Space Harrier (although SH is a 3rd person game).  The first thing you need to know is the control mechanism is diff than the arcade.  In the arcade, apparently the game had a yoke and a pedal.  The default in MAME is an 8-way joystick.  There is no provision for analog controls.  So, when I first played the game, the js control was too fast and hard to aim.  I changed the up,down,left and right settings to be controlled by the trackball and Voila!, the game is cool and controls work great.  Remember, it's still not analog, but using the trackball instead of the js gives you much more precise control over the action.

You have two buttons - one shoots your normal artillery and the other a powerful energy charge shot.  The amount of the charge is shown on the lower left and depleted when you use it - but it quickly builds back up.  You shoot at everything coming at you using a cross-hair controlled by the aforementioned js or trackball.  There is a wide variety of crap coming at you, including flying things holding clear capsules containing prisoners.  Make sure to shoot the capsule, and not the prisoner (unless you are a traitor, of course).
At the end of each section there are weaponized walls or other large structures to defeat, they can be very easy or very tough.  While the graphics aren't great, they fit well with the theme and the speed at which they fly at you. 

Enforce is a rare, obscure game, but one you can certainly enjoy trying to finish.

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